Just a couple of things.
Public health insurances do not cover the costs for naturopath services. Therefore you would have to pay in private, if you would like to have a treatment or consultation. Or you might be privately insured. Private insurances cover naturopath services to some degree or even the whole amount. Also you can come with a private prescriptions for physiotherapy from your doctor. Please check in advance with your health insurance if they cover and how much they cover.


For the first, comprehensive assessment and treatment, you should plan about 60-90 minutes, as it is very important to me to get an accurate picture of you and your concerns.

Please bring, if available, current medical findings on the first appointment.

For all other appointments, depending on the therapy, about 30 to 60 minutes or even more are needed.


  • Dry Needling

  • Triggerpoint therapy

  • Holistic physiotherapy

  • Movement therapy

  • Fascia release

  • Massage cupping therapy